6 best French door refrigerators of 2021



We updated this guide in September 2021 to replace sold out products. These picks always reflect the best picks from our most recent tests performed by experts and analysts at the Kitchen Appliance and Technologies Lab.

French door refrigerators are gaining in popularity right now, and for good reason, thanks to their food saving features, technological advancements and modern look. This convenient style of refrigerator provides easy access with fresh food shelves and crisper bins at eye level, reducing the chance of food being forgotten (not to say easier to organize). The Good Housekeeping Institute’s Kitchen Technology and Appliance Lab tested 12 of the latest models on the market for temperature control and uniformity, product retention, and ease of use. Find out more about the winning picks from our experts below. If you’re looking for the pros and cons of different types of refrigerators, you’ll also want to check out our full list of the best refrigerators to buy in 2021.

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Best value French door refrigerator

Wide French door refrigerator


$ 2,159.00

Maytag’s full size French door refrigerator was one of the most affordable models we tested and one of the only refrigerators to stay cool enough on door shelves to meet safety standards. (This means you can store milk and yogurt in it, which is prohibited on the doors of most refrigerators.) Each glass shelf in this model slides out completely, and the stainless steel finish will not show fingerprints.

More details:
• Dimensions: 36 x 70 x 35 inches
• Available finishes: fingerprint resistant stainless steel, white, black
• Energy Star certified


Best French Door Refrigerator for Families

Family Hub French Door Refrigerator


$ 2,879.00

The state-of-the-art Samsung Family Hub refrigerator has a large Wi-Fi enabled door display that shows your calendar, orders groceries, plays music, streams TV, and more. Samsung also has three cameras inside, so when you log into the app at the supermarket, it can show you how much milk you have left. It also has two freezer compartments that open sideways to reveal two drawers and a shelf.

More details:
• Dimensions: 36 x 72 x 29 inches
• Available finishes: fingerprint resistant stainless steel, black fingerprint resistant stainless steel
• Energy Star certified


Best built-in French door refrigerator

Viking French Door Refrigerator


$ 3,949.00

If you’re looking for an ultra-stylish, professional-grade refrigerator that will fit perfectly into your cabinetry, the Viking French Door Bottom Freezer is what you need. This top performing freestanding model features 24 inch deep side panels that fit perfectly into any kitchen, and the fact that there is no water and ice dispenser in the door contributes to the integrated look. Inside the refrigerator you’ll find three shelves that pull out to make it easier to find items hidden in the back. The ice maker is in the freezer, so it does not take up space in the refrigerator. There is also a top notch air circulation system inside the Viking to keep fresh air and odors out.

More details:
• Dimensions: 35 x 69 x 29 inches
• Available finishes: stainless steel


Best Counter-Depth French Door Refrigerator

KitchenAid French Door Refrigerator

Cooking aid

$ 4,139.00

With the professional design and depth of the KitchenAid Counter-Depth refrigerator that fits perfectly on countertops, it will make a big impression in your kitchen. The walls inside are platinum in color with wood accents and there is beautiful LED lighting that makes it look like a jewelry box.. The KitchenAid is also packed with convenient features. A small wooden shelf has a prep dish that slides underneath and the full-width pull-out tray is a good place to store sheet cakes or party platters. When you dispense water, you can choose to automatically fill a glass or pitcher with eight, 16, or 24 ounces of water.

More details:
• Dimensions: 36 x 68 x 26 inches
• Available colors: stainless steel
• Energy Star certified


Most Stylish French Door Refrigerator

Café refrigerator with French doors


$ 3,170.00

The GE Café range of refrigerators is distinguished by its extra elegant (and customizable) design. Select a matte white or black exterior, then choose between brushed bronze, copper, black, or stainless steel handles. The counter depth of this model allows it to fit perfectly with your kitchen cabinetry and you can match the bar handles to your cabinet handles. The French Door Café model has an internal water dispenser and is also connected to Wi-Fi.

More details:
• Dimensions: 36 x 70 x 31 inches
• Available finishes: matt white, matt black
• Energy Star certified


Best French Door Double Freezer Refrigerator

PerfectCool Series French Door Refrigerator


$ 7,499.00

The sparkling Miele PerfectCool French Door Refrigerator enhances the look of your kitchen and adds resale value to your home. Our experts love double freezer drawers – no more digging through piles of frozen meat to find your ice cream – and soft-closing doors.

More details:
• Dimensions: 36 x 80 x 24 inches
• Available colors: stainless steel
• Energy Star certified

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