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Low battery
This Samsung refrigerator is even able to work with home inverters during power outages. It has a solar panel that generates enough electricity to run the refrigerator all day and night, saving electricity and the environment all in one. The antibacterial seal on the door prevents the build-up of bacteria and fungus while the Safe Clean Back remains easy to clean and provides increased durability. It has a freezer for cooler temperatures for frozen items, tempered glass shelves that can hold heavy weights, a separate vegetable box for all your fruits and vegetables, more space for bottles on the door and a clear view lamp that illuminates the refrigerator. The option without stabilizer ensures that the refrigerator works stably and reliably and the crown door design and chrome handle give it a sleek and elegant look.

Uniform cooling
This Godrej single door refrigerator is designed to be energy efficient while providing even cooling to every corner of the refrigerator. The freezer box is designed with anti-drip technology that prevents all kinds of droplet formation while maintaining cooler temperatures than the rest of the refrigerator. It is equipped with a low starting voltage that operates at voltages as low as 140V. It has a separate vegetable box for additional storage space and the doors provide more bottle storage space. The shelves are made of tempered glass to support heavier weights and the door comes with a removable antibacterial seal that keeps food fresh and free from germs.

Easy defrost
This refrigerator is made with Whirlpool’s insulated capillary technology which works to compress energy efficiently and provide faster cooling and up to 9 hours of cooling retention. Built-in easy defrost mechanism provides hassle-free operation and efficient cooling. It is also equipped with honeycomb locking technology that maintains optimum humidity in the vegetable box for long lasting freshness. The doors provide ample bottle storage space and the cooler provides storage space with optimum cooling temperatures. It also has stabilizer-free operation and an anti-bacterial seal that regulates voltage fluctuations and fights bacteria and fungus build-up.

High end technology
This Lloyd refrigerator was designed with premium technology that not only keeps your food fresh, but also provides an aesthetic addition to your kitchen. The sleek design and crown-shaped door fit perfectly into any kitchen, and Inverter technology helps maintain stable temperatures inside the refrigerator for long-lasting cooling and freshness. Designed for larger storage, this refrigerator has separate compartments for large bottles and vegetables that maintain optimum humidity. The antibacterial door seal and bactshield technology prevent all kinds of bacterial growth. It is also equipped with a fast ice maker, concealed capillary and suction technology that provide better cooling, cooling zone for dairy products and technology that lowers the nose level.

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