Launch of Samsung Bespoke Flex French Door refrigerators in India

Samsung India has expanded its range of refrigerators with the announcement of a new range of Bespoke Flex French Door refrigerators. The company introduced the Flex Family Hub 4-Door and Flex 4-Door French Door models to offer custom design options for a modern modular kitchen to suit your personal taste.

Raju Pullan, Senior Vice President, Consumer Electronics Business, Samsung India, said: “With kitchens being the hub of Indian homes, we wanted to provide our consumers with a refrigerator that not only meets their refrigeration needs, but also reflects their personal style. We are delighted to launch the BESPOKE range of refrigerators which is more than just a household appliance. It combines Samsung’s innovative technology with a product designed to fit the lifestyle of consumers, just as any bespoke item should.

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Samsung Bespoke Flex French Door Refrigerator Pricing and Availability

Samsung Bespoke Flex French door refrigerators are available in various color and capacity options. The Bespoke 4-Door Flex Family Hub is available in two capacities. The one with Glam Navy & Glam white Glass with a capacity of 934L will be available at Rs 255,000 while the Black Caviar Metal with a capacity of 865L costs Rs 269,990.

The custom-made 4-door Flex French-door refrigerator will be available in a dual color Glam Navy and Glam White Glass with a capacity of 674 L with a price of Rs 167,990. The device is now available for pre-booking through the Samsung official online store, Samsung Store, online portals of major partner retailers and in all major consumer electronics retail stores across the country.

Consumer pre-booked Samsung BESPOKE refrigerators will receive up to 20% cash back and an 18-month no-cost EMI option.

All custom-made refrigerators will be available in retail stores and online portals from October 18. It will come with a 10-year warranty on its digital inverter compressor and a one-year warranty on the refrigerator.

Features of Samsung Bespoke Flex French Door Refrigerators

Samsung flexible 4-door refrigerators offer five different temperature options available with Samsung’s signature FlexZone, an independently controlled compartment that can quickly change from refrigerator to freezer. This characteristic helps to preserve the taste and aroma of food.

The Flex Crisper zone is now available with two adjustable temperatures for storing meat, poultry or fish products, while the Crisper + allows fruits and vegetables to retain maximum freshness and shelf life.

The Samsung 4-Door Refrigerator provides quick and easy access to cool, refreshing water. The beverage center is inside the refrigerator, which helps keep the water dispenser nozzle less exposed to air or dust and makes it safer for consumers.

On top of that, there is a self-filling water pitcher that automatically fills with purified water, which can be infused with fruits and herbs, so it’s instantly ready to serve. While the water dispenser has a detachable stainless steel nozzle for easy washing.

Dual automatic ice maker on the fridge helps make regular ice cubes and bites of ice in two separate ice makers. Ice Bites are smaller and can cool drinks much faster. It also includes a new built-in deodorizing filter that helps eliminate odors caused by bacteria in your refrigerator air with UV technology that continuously cleans the filter.

Samsung Flex French Door refrigerators also feature a triple cooling system that supplies fresh air to three compartments of the refrigerator and freezer using three dedicated coolers. The system controls the temperature and humidity in each compartment to create optimal storage conditions and prevent odors from mixing.

The Flex Family Hub 6.0 refrigerator model is powered by AI and Samsung’s SmartThings app to connect the refrigerator to your smartphone for easy control. Intuitive technology also allows consumers to know when food stored for a long time is going bad. Apart from that, with the new Indian English version of Bixby, consumers cannot just stay connected but also control their refrigerator in the Family Hub models.

The newly arrived Samsung refrigerator is highlighted with a digital frame that allows users to display artwork. It also offers various screen views to match the fridge and kitchen decor, including the Family Board, Family Hub’s digital interface that presents analog aspects to users.

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