The 8 best ductless air conditioners in 2021



Tired of using noisy and unsightly window air conditioners to cool your home in the summer? You may not have the means to install a full ducted HVAC system in your home, but you can always upgrade to a more powerful cooling system with a ductless air conditioner.

These systems, often referred to as mini-splits, consist of one or more wall units inside your home, which are powered by a relatively small outdoor compressor. They offer more power and control than window air conditioners – most can even be used as heaters as well – but they’re not as complicated or expensive to install as a duct system, making them a good one. compromise for homeowners wanting more efficient cooling. system.

What to consider

There are several things you will want to consider when choosing a ductless air conditioner. First of all, you will need to decide how many indoor units you need, as well as their location. Unlike window units, mini split systems are a permanent fixture, so you will need to think carefully about where they will be most effective in your home.

It is also important to find a unit that is powerful enough for the room it is in. If your unit is too small, it may have a hard time cooling the space. The cooling capacity of air conditioners is typically measured in British thermal units, or BTUs, per hour, and as a general rule, you’ll want a unit that provides 20 BTUs for every square foot of living space. So a 200 square foot room needs at least a 4000 BTU air conditioner.

Finally, don’t forget to take the installation into account. The majority of ductless air conditioners require professional installation (although there are DIY models available), so you will need to factor this expense into account and make sure your installer is comfortable with the unit you select.

How we selected

To compile a list of ductless air conditioners that meet a wide range of needs, we looked at units from various well-respected brands and selected models in different sizes and at different prices. All models are well regarded by reviewers, and many come equipped with a variety of useful features, including programmability, dehumidification settings, and, in a few cases, smart features.

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Best overall

Mini split air conditioner Senville SENL-30CD


$ 1,678.00

This popular Senville model is available in multiple sizes, ranging from 9,000 BTUs to 30,000 BTUs, and is available in 120 and 230 volt models. It has 4-in-1 functionality, working as an air conditioner, heater, dehumidifier, and fan, and it operates at just 34 decibels, making it an extremely quiet option for a bedroom or nursery. All its parameters can be controlled via the remote control included in the unit. The air conditioner comes with a 16ft installation kit, including communication cable and copper lines, but it is important to note that the brand requires professional installation for the 5 year warranty on the unit to be valid.

  • Variety of sizes
  • Quiet operation
  • DIY installation voids warranty

Best budget

Ductless inverter system for Della Mini Split air conditioner

This model from Della is great value for money, and it still delivers 12,000 BTU / hour, making it suitable for rooms up to 750 square feet. In addition to cooling, this device has settings for heating, dehumidifying and ventilating, and it has a variety of useful features, including a 24 hour timer, standby mode, power saving mode. energy and multiple fan speeds, all of which can be adjusted using the included remote control. It comes with a full installation kit, including a 10-foot line set, and it operates between 30 and 41 decibels, depending on the settings.

  • Affordable
  • Variety of settings

Ideal for large rooms

Mini Cooper & Hunter ductless monobloc air conditioner

Cooper and Hunter

$ 2,153.90

If you plan to install your ductless air conditioner in a large room, this model provides 36,000 BTUs per hour, making it powerful enough to effectively cool spaces over 1,000 square feet. It can be used for both heating and cooling, operating in ambient temperatures between 5 and 122 degrees Fahrenheit, and it comes with a complete installation kit. You’ll get a set of 25 foot insulated and pre-flared lines, communication wires and a drain extension, plus a remote control, and the unit can even be equipped with Wi-Fi if you choose to purchase it. branded USB adapter (sold separately).

  • Wi-Fi adapter sold separately

Best DIY installation

Mini-split ductless air conditioner and heat pump Mrcool Do It Yourself


$ 2,212.21

This “do it yourself” mini split air conditioner is specially designed for hobbyist installation, which means you may be able to save some money on the overall investment. The unit delivers 24,000 BTU / hour and offers both heating and cooling settings, and it’s even Wi-Fi enabled, allowing you to control it from your smartphone or through digital assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Home . The ductless system requires no special tools for installation – the 25-foot piping assembly is pre-charged with refrigerant and has quick electrical connections that anyone can install – and the installation should take a few hours, allowing you start cooling your home as soon as possible.

  • Designed for DIY installation
  • More expensive than comparable units

Best smart air conditioner

Mini heat pump for split air conditioner Senville SENA-36HF / Z


If you want to be able to control your air conditioner from your smartphone, this Senville model includes built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing it to be controlled remotely from an Android or iOS phone. It is suitable for large spaces thanks to its power of 36,000 BTUs, and it also has heating, dehumidification and fan settings. The unit has Turbo and Quiet modes for even more versatility, and it can automatically switch from cooling to heating depending on the ambient temperature. The Senville air conditioner comes with a 16 foot installation kit, but professional installation is recommended.

  • Smart functionality
  • Big capacity

Best Energy Star

Bosch Energy Star Mini Split Ductless Air Conditioner


$ 1,342.15

Air conditioning systems often consume a lot of electricity, but you can keep the costs low with this Energy Star certified model from Bosch. It comes in multiple sizes, ranging from 9,000 to 36,000 BTUs, and the indoor unit has a sleek, modern design that’s not as an eyesore as other models. The product offers a number of handy features including a timer, automated ‘follow-me’ settings and ‘turbo’ speed settings, and when you put it in silent mode, it runs at 20 decibel silence. You can choose from a 16 or 24 foot line set with this air conditioner, and it includes everything needed for installation.

  • Elegant design
  • Energy Star certified
  • Several sizes
  • More expensive than comparable units

Best with the ceiling cassette

Cooper & Hunter Mini Split Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioner

Cooper and Hunter

$ 1.00

The large rectangular indoor units that come with most ductless air conditioners can be a bit bulky on your wall, and if you prefer a more streamlined appearance, this unit uses a ceiling cassette instead. The 9,000 BTU system can be used for both heating and cooling in spaces up to 450 square feet, and it comes with a 16-foot line set, along with all installation equipment necessary. The system has a 24-hour timer, sleep mode, turbo function, and 12 indoor fan speeds, and it runs as low as 25 decibels, making it ideal for bedrooms.

  • Ceiling cassette instead of wall unit

Best multizone

Bosch Energy Star Multi-Zone Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner


$ 2,306.93

If you are hoping to install multiple ductless wall units in your home, you will need a mini multi-zone split air conditioner like this one from Bosch. This system can be customized with two to five zones, and you can also choose from a wide range of BTU options with the ability to get units of different sizes. This product is Energy Star certified for more efficient operation, and each unit comes with its own remote control, allowing you to control them independently, ideal if you like one room to be warmer than another.

  • Several sizes and areas
  • Energy Star certified

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